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Treatment of Pediatric Diseases and Malnutrition 

821 million people sleep hungry every night. Pregnant / breastfeeding mothers and young children are the highest risk group in terms of hunger.

Almost half of child deaths under the age of 5 in the world are caused by malnutrition. Inadequate nutrition in terms of content or amount and the inability of the body to sustain its energy and protein needs as a result of long-term hunger causes a disease called malnutrition. Severe cases of malnutrition may unfortunately result in death with the onset of cell destruction.

According to the results of our measurements, we provide treatment with therapeutic foods in cases where advanced nutritional deficiencies are found out and supportive foods in moderate cases.

In addition, Care Association distributes food packs to families in need in many countries by considering the health benefits of nutrition, and serves iftar meals during Ramadan.