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Cataract Surgery

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 2 billion people out of 7.5 billion in the world suffer from visual impairment. 10 million of them cannot see due to cataract problem in Africa. Cataract is a treatable sight disorder, but thousands of people lose their sight every year because they cannot be treated with appropriate methods. According to the eye diseases report published by WHO last year, there are more than 65 million 200 thousand cataract patients in the world today.

Cataract disease is generally encountered in low and middle income countries, especially in South Asia and Africa. The biggest reasons for this situation are geographical conditions (sand storms, malnutrition) and lack of hygiene (accessibility to clean water). Although eye disorders such as cataracts can be diagnosed in these countries where health services are not easily accessible, they cannot be treated. In most countries,  eye disorder problems cannot even be diagnosed.

Care Association is going to give hope to people who are looking for cure thru the health camps. If we do not ignore them with – 1700TL worth of- cataract surgery we do in health camps, they can see their loved ones.